Meeting with Urban Development and Housing Minister of Afghanistan

Meeting with Urban Developement and Housing Minister of Afganistan

Mr. Shahid Javad Allah Rakha vice chairman of Al-Gharrafa Charity Foundation met with H.E Sadat Mansoor Naderi Urban Development and Housing Minister of Afghanistan. They discussed about 1000 charity residential units, which are going to be built in Kabul by the Al-Gharrafah Foundation.
Mr. Jawad appreciated the efforts of the Urban Development and Housing Minister and said: “The fund allocated to build 1000 apartments is ready and we can begin executive work as soon as land is transferred to Hajj and Religious Affairs Ministry ownership.”

Minister of Urban Development and Housing also said “We will finalize the ownership administrative process of the chosen position and are ready to start work.” He also thanked of Al-Gharrafah Foundation for their support. He mentioned construction of housing is a necessity for Afghan people.

Soon, construction work of 1000 apartments will start in front of Siloo – Khushhal Khan place in Kabul city.