Receiving certificate for protection of birds and Animals in Afghanistan

At a meeting on 2 June 2018 at the National Environmental Protection Agency, Mr. Shah zaman Maiwandi, General Director of the National Environmental Protection Agency, thanked for the activities of the AL-Gharrafah Foundation in the field of environmental protection, He also said that the agency is in the quest for a cooperative team to exchange ideas and experiences.

Mr Shahid Jawad Allah Rakha vice chairman of Al-Gharrafah Foundation said: Al-Gharrafah Foundation is fully committed to complying with the National Environmental Bureau’s policy. He added that our organization is willing to financially and technically assist the agency in protecting the national interests of Afghanistan. He added: We intend to make better the environmental image of Afghanistan For this reason, the organization has been partnering with the National Environmental Protection Agency since its inception in Afghanistan and has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Directorate for the Breeding of Rare Birds in Farah province.

Finally, the certificate was presented to the Al-Gharrafah Foundation officially by the National Environmental Protection Agency to streamline the work of this institution and further coordination with the National Agency for the Protection of the Environment.