According to the contract signed between Al-Gharafah Foundation and the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing of Afghanistan, the Foundation has committed to building a residential settlement in the area designated by the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing to help needy families. This shahrak is being built to solve the problem of housing shortage, to develop the culture of modern construction, and to create housing according to international standards.

The location of Qatar Shahrak is in the Khushal Khan Mina district, opposite the central silo of Kabul city. The total area of this land is 69,45 square meters and includes residential buildings, commercial buildings, schools, Masjid, orphanages, vehicle parking, green spaces, and other facilities needed by the shahrak. The Shahrak site plan has also been approved by the Supreme Council of Urban Planning and the Ministry of Urban Development and Lands of Afghanistan.

This settlement consists of a total of eight residential blocks, and each block contains twelve floors, there are 96 apartments in each block, including three and two-room apartments. A total of 768 residential apartments will be built in this town.

The masjid is designed with an area of 819 square meters in Qatar Shahrak. This masjid is built on three floors and has the capacity of 2 thousand worshipers at the same time. Qatar Shahrak Masjid has a minaret, a dome, ablutions, and ten toilet stalls. Al-Gharafah Foundation has also undertaken the provision of equipment and carpets for the mosque.

Two schools for girls and boys, each with an infrastructure of 577 square meters, have been designed for Qatar Shahrak. These schools are built on three floors and can be used by the residents. Schools include a playground, laboratory, computer room, library, teachers’ room, and management rooms. Also, schools equipped with desks, chairs, computers, etc. will be essential equipment.

In 2021, the construction of the first phase of this settlement, which includes three residential blocks, a girls’ school, a boys’ school, and the Masjid, began.

January 2021

Start Date

January 2024

Finish Date

3 Years

Project Duration

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