Humanitarian Aids

The head of the Al-Gharrafa charity foundation considers helping the needy with his human duties. It always wants to be alongside the people of Afghanistan. This Foundation purchases foodstuffs such as rice, oil, flour, wheat, tea, sugar, blankets and other essential materials in winter, and distribute them among affluent families.These contributions will be shared with the local departments of Farah province

after the identification of the villages and the poor among the needy.Thousands of families benefit each year on average annually. The leadership of the Al-Gharrafa Institute has not been said to be important in helping those affected by natural disasters and emergency situations. Priority has been given to these goals, including the humanitarian assistance provided by the Institute.

These food packages included rice, oil, wheat, sugar, salt, tea and blankets distributed by the Al-Gharrafa Foundation among the needy in Herat province in January 2014, with a total of 4,500 families benefiting from these aids. The total value of this assistance The price was $ 35000.

Packaged food was distributed among the needy, dormitories, students, dormitories and worshipers of mosques in different parts of Herat province. This aid was distributed every day during the iftar during the holy month of Ramadan . Total value of these contributions is $ 15,000.

Seventy thousand US dollars worth of ventilators and five hundred medical kits for doctors includes of: Protecting cloth, Medical mask, Goggles, Rubber gloves and cloth bag were donated by Al-Gharrafa Charity Foundation of Qatar to the Herat Public Health Department.

Distribution of Iftari packages

Another type of humanitarian aid from the Al-Gharrafa Charity Foundation is the distribution of food packages during the  Ramadan. The aid is distributed among  the fasting people at various places, such as mosques, orphanages, dormitories and schools.

This iftar program is held annually in Farah, Kabul, and Herat provinces during the holy month of Ramadan by Al-Gharrafa charity foundation. During this process, fast food will be distributed to the fasting people, including rice, meat, yogurt, fruit and water.