Environmental Protection

In an official contract between Al-Gharrafa Foundation and Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, in addition to humanitarian aids and construction of mosques, schools, hospitals, clinics, and development and promotion of agriculture, Algharrafa has been working to promote the generation of birds and rare animals in Farah province. It has also taken important tasks and, for this purpose, the National Environmental Protection Agency of Afghanistan has granted the activity license to this institution.

Firstly, Al Gharrafa foundation built a Falcon place, a breeding center for birds, and a lab equipped for diagnosis and treatment of birds.

In the second phase, Algharrafa sent a number of veterans from Farah province to complete a training course in Qatar, and upon returning from the country, hired them in their agricultural farm.

In the third phase, 100 birds were imported from Qatar in 2014, and in 2016 this number was reduced to 855, and out of the number of birds, 300 were released.

In 2017, Foundation also released 470 bastard birds with the presence of the governor and members of Farah Provincial Council in Chakarta plain of the province.