At the request of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan, Al-Gharrafah Charity Foundation started the construction of a Mosque and a cultural complex in the courtyard of this ministry in 2018. The area of ​​the cultural complex is 870 square meters, which is built on two floors.
This complex includes a Kindergarten (children’s sanitary service, classrooms for children, teachers’ room, and children’s playground), strategic studies center, Diplomacy Institute training classes, exhibition hall, conference hall, offices, standard library, etc.
Also, a parking lot with an area of ​​3,000 square meters, which can accommodate more than 100 cars, has been built in the basement of the cultural complex.
The area of ​​the mosque of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan is 360 square meters, which can accommodate three hundred worshipers at the same time. This mosque is built on two floors, which include places for women and men to pray, places for men and women to perform ablution, a room for the imam of the mosque, and a library. The mentioned mosque has a minaret, a giant dome, and three small domes.

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