Inauguration of Zhiray district mosque in Kandahar

The mosque of Zhiray district of Kandahar province was inaugurated on Sunday, January 7, 2024, by Sheikh Maulvi Abdul Basir Fayez, the head of Hajj and endowments of Kandahar province, and a group of residents of this district.

In this ceremony, he gave a comprehensive speech to the attendees and talked about the mentioned mosque: This mosque was built by Zarin Kausar Mayar Construction Company and financed by Al-Gharrafah Foundation-Qatar under the chairmanship of Sheikh Ali bin Abdullah Thani Al-Thani.

He added that because this mosque was built near the highway; Therefore, apart from men, separate places for women’s prayer and ablution have also been considered.

This mosque with a total area of 550 square meters has been built in Zhiray district of Kandahar province and has a capacity of 1300 worshipers at the same time. Jheri Jame Mosque has two separate repairs for men’s and women’s prayers and two separate ablutions. Also, a water reserve and a room for the mosque officials have been built by Al-Gharrafah Foundation. The Foundation has also undertaken the provision of carpets and other necessities for this mosque.

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