Inauguration Ceremony of 1000 Residential Units Complex in Kabul

Inauguration ceremony of 1000 residential units’ project started by speech of H. E Mohammad Ashraf Ghani president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan on 28th Nov,2017 in presidential palace, Kabul. Some of cabinet’s members, president`s advisors, H.E Sheikh Ali bin Abdullah bin Thani Al-Thani (Chairman of Al-Gharrafa Foundation AGF), directors of AGF and some diplomats attended in this ceremony.

At first, H.E President told, today is a blessed day to provide people`s demand in field of housing. He appreciated H.E Sheikh Ali bin Abdullah`s cooperation for serving people of Afghanistan, also he thanked from Ministry of Urban Development and Housing and other related departments` efforts.

He told to H.E Sheikh Ali bin Abdullah, you have had long cooperation with government of Afghanistan as we see positive results of your organization activities. He added, this project is specially for heirs of martyrs of Afghanistan army and police.

Then H.E Sadat Mansoor Naderi said, this residential complex will have 1000 apartment units, which is constructed and funded by H.E Sheikh Ali bin Abdullah Al-Thani chairman of Al-Gharrafa Foundation. He mentioned, MOU of the building of project was signed two years ago between Urban Development Ministry and Al-Gharrfa Foundation. He added, until now, place for constructing of project is chosen and design phase of project is going finished soon. He appreciated of H.E President`s support regarding development and provision of housing sector specially for needy people.
Urban Development Minister praised H.E Sheikh Ali bin Abdullah`s cooperation for helping people of Afghanistan. He added, Al-Gharrfa Foundation is going to invest 100 Million USD in other sectors as well.

At end, H.E Sheikh Ali bin Abdullah Al-Thani pass on salute and respects of Qatar government to H.E President and people of Afghanistan. He praised H.E President`s efforts in rehabilitation and rebuilding of Afghanistan. He promised, he will be partner with government of Afghanistan in future too. Al-Gharrfa Foundation chairman pointed on his organization activities in Farah province. He told, you can see our dates farm product in next year. He mentioned, we hope our achievements encourage other investors as well.

1000 Residential units’ project is going to be built on Khoshal Khan Mena place in Kabul.