Inauguration Ceremony for Construction Phase of Diplomatic and Cultural Complex of Foreign Affairs Ministry

H.E Sheikh Ali bin Abdullah bin Thani Al-Thani (Chairman of Al-Gharrafah Foundation) and Saqar bin Mubarak Al-Mansoori (Non-Resident Ambassador of Qatar for Afghanistan) met with H.E Salahaddin Rabani (Afghanistan Foreign Affair Minister) on 28 Nov,2017.

H.E Sheikh Ali bin Abdullah talked shortly about the activities of the Al-Gharrafah Foundation. He said,” The Foundation has a development plan for Farah province that include: establishing agriculture and livestock farms, promoting gardening, and establishing natural conservation area”. H.E Sheikh Ali bin Abdullah added the most important goal of the foundation is creating job opportunities for the people of Afghanistan.

H.E Rabani appreciated the Al-Gharrfah Foundation’s activities for the Afghan people. He said the most important problem for the people of Afghanistan is jobless that cause the joining of the young generation into insurgent groups.

He emphasized solving Afghanistan citizens’ problem of getting work visas in Qatar and he mentioned, that it is necessary to sign an MOU between the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the State of Qatar for taking Afghan employees to Qatar.

In the end, the Inauguration ceremony of the Diplomatic and Cultural Complex was held with the participation of H.E Salahuddin Rabbani, H.E Sheikh Ali bin Abdullah bin Thani Al-Thani, Saqar bin Mubarak Al-Mansoori, Al-Gharrafah Board of director’s members and MOFA deputies, directors, managers and staff in Foreign Affair Ministry of Afghanistan.