Inauguration Ceremony for construction phase of 1000 Residential Units of Qatar Project

Inauguration ceremony for construction of Qatar 1000 units Residential Complex was held today with the participation of H.E Sadat Mansoor Naderi (Urban Development and Housing Minister), H.E Sheikh Ali bin Abdullah bin Thani Al-Thani (Chairman of Al-Gharrfa Foundation), Al-Gharrafa Board of director’s members and MUDH directors, managers and staff in Khoshhal Khan region of Kabul city.

H.E Sadat Mansoor Naderi appreciated of Al-Gharrafa Foundation charity activities in different section specially in construction of residential complex. H.E Naderi told “Based on signed MOU between MUDH and AFG, Al-Gharrfa Foundation is going to build 1000 residential units.

He added, this project is a complete complex which is going to be built for Afghanistan national police, army, heirs of martyrs and other needy people. He mentioned, all facilities and requirements of a complex with standards is considered in the project, and will be supervised by MUDH and AGF. At end he told, construction of the residential complex will complete in three years and budget of project will fund by AGF”.

Then H.E Sheikh Ali bin Abdullah bin Thani Al-Thani promised on long term cooperation and investments of AGF-Qatar in different sector specially construction and providing housing for Afghanistan government and people. He added, Al-Gharrfa cooperation will continue with government of Afghanistan.

This residential complex is going to be built by AGF under chair of H.E Sheikh Ali bin Abdullah bin Thani Al-Thani in Khoshhal Khan place of Kabul city. This complex will contain construction of 1000 residential units, mosque, 2 schools, orphanage, green area and etc.