Donation of medical equipment to the Herat Public Health Department.

Seventy thousand US dollars worth of ventilators and five hundred medical kits for doctors including protective cloth, Medical masks, Goggles, Rubber gloves, and cloth bags were donated by the Al-Gharrafah Foundation to the Herat Public Health Department.

Seyed Abdul Wahid Qatali, the governor of Herat province, thanked Al-Gharrafah and their timely cooperation with the health sector and called on the public health department to use the equipment to fight COVID-19 disease.

Dr. Abdul Hakim Tamana, head of Herat Public Health, also said: “With these ventilators and Medical protective clothing, a large part of the problems of the Fight Corona Hospital will be solved.”

Some members of parliament and the Herat Provincial Council were also present when the medical equipment was donated.