Donation of medical equipment and necessities to the Ministry of Public Health due to the pandemic of Corona virus

More than one million and thirty thousand dollars worth of medical equipment and necessities was donated to the Ministry of Public Health on Wednesday, May 6, 2020 by Al-Gharrafa-Qatar Charity Foundation.

The medical equipment includes 5 PCR machines, 7 ventilators, 6 oxygen machines, 10 suction machines, 1 X-ray machine, 20 Corona virus detection kits, 500 medical PP kit packs, 3 ABG machines, six INR machines, and More than 680,000 items of medicine and other health supplies are needed to fight the corona virus.

Mr. Shahid Javad Allah Rakha, deputy director, and chief executive of the Al-Gharrafa Charity Foundation, described the Corona virus as a global challenge for human beings. He added that our organization led by excellency Sheikh Ali bin Abdullah Al-Thani will continue to provide more assistance to fight corona virus in Afghanistan in the future.

He promised that Al-Gharrafa Charity would build a modern and well-equipped hospital in the future to fight the corona virus in Farah province.

He added: “The Ministry of Public Health is ready to cooperate with us in order to provide more facilities in this regard.”

Dr. Wahid Majrouh, Deputy Minister of Public Health, thanked the Al-Gharrafa-Qatar Charity Foundation for its assistance to the Ministry of Public Health, and said that this assistance is the most important needs of the Ministry of Public Health in the current situation.

He added that the Ministry of Public Health will use the equipment provided by Al-Gharrafa to increase the capacity of diagnostic tests in remote provinces (Farah, Nimroz and other provinces) to strengthen the treatment of patients in Afghan-Japanese hospital and other hospitals.

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