Donation 2000 Tote bags to National Environmental Protection Agency of Afghanistan

Al-Gharrafa-Qatar organization funded its humanitarian assistance to Afghan people, this time donated to National Environmental Protection Agency of Afghanistan a total of 2,000 Tote bags to promote the culture of banning the use of plastic bags.

Representatives of Al-Gharrafa organization during delivery of these aids to the National Environmental Protection Agency, while regretting the spread of environmental pollution caused by the use of plastic, added: One of the goals of AGF in Afghanistan is helping to preserve the environment, which is why Establishing an agricultural farm in Farah province as well as creating a natural conservation area in this province tries to take a step towards environmental protection with coordinating of National Environmental Protection Agency.

The National Environmental Protection Agency’s representative thanked Al-Gharrafa Co-operation and added that the environment is one of the essential requirements of humans. Promoting the culture of environmental protection in society to provide a healthy environment is part of the community’s responsibilities.

It should be noted that Tote bags donated by Al-Gharrafa Charity Foundation, is scheduled to be distributed to participants in the Environment Week during special programs by NEPA.