Donating 4000 food packages to flood victims in Farah province

Al-Gharrafah Foundation donated 4000 packages of food to the recent flood victims in Farah province.

The recent flood in Farah province damaged residents of this province. Many citizens had to leave their houses so they needed urgent help. Therefore, the Al-Gharrafah Foundation (AGF) decided to help damaged people. AGF delivered 4000 food packages to the deputy of the Farah governor and the Preventing Natural Disasters Department.
While delivering foodstuff, Mr Shahid Javad, Vice Chairman of Al-Gharrafa Charity Foundation, expressed his deep regret for the damaged people due to the recent flood in Farah Province. He added, the Al-Gharrafah Foundation and H.E Sheikh Ali bin Abdullah bin Thani Al-Thani always stand with Afghanistan people and we will help them in critical situations.

The representative of the Farah local government thanked the cooperation of the Al-Gharrafah foundation for the construction of mosques, schools, hospitals, and protection of the environment. He said, the humanitarian aid of the Al-Gharrafah Foundation is very valuable and demanded the continuation of this cooperation.

Farah province witnessed rain and flooding several times a week ago. Aid packages from the Al-Gharrafah Foundation, which include flour, beans, and oil, will be distributed to 4,000 flood victims’ families through Preventing Natural Disaster Department in Farah.