Distribution of cash aid for 1200 needy families

On November 28, 2019, distributed cash aid for 1,200 needy families in the new governor Building of Farah province with the presence of Mr. Shahid Jawad Allah Rakha(CEO of Al-Gharrafah Foundation) and Mr. Mohammed Shoaib Sabit (Farah governor).

“We will continue to help needy families in Farah province”, said Shahid Jawadullah Rakha, CEO of Al-Gharrafah-Qatar Foundation.

Mr. Mohammed Shoaib Sabit Governor of Farah Province also appreciated permanent donations of the Al Gharrafah Foundation in Farah Province and he requested the future operation of the Algharafah Foundation to Farah people.

It is mentionable that the list of needy people had been arranged by the Farah governor’s office.