Construction work of Farah airport will be completed on 15th Dec,2017

Mr. Shahid Javad Allah Rakha vice chairman of Al-Gharrafa Charity Foundation met with H.E Mahmood Shah Habibi  head of ACAA on 23-Nov-2017 in Civil Aviation Authority. They talked about proceeding construction work of Farah international airport. Mr. Shahid Javad Allah Rakha said: construction work of runway extension , access road , terminal , fire station and control tower is going to completed on 18-Des-2017 according schedule.

Mr Mahmood Shah Habibi appreciated from AL-Gharrafa foundation charity activities under chair of H.E Sheikh Ali Bin Abdullah Bin Thani Al-Thani . He promised , internationalization of Farah international airport will be completed during next six months. Then Mr shahid Javad said: AL-Gharrafa foundation will cooperate civil aviation authority in furnishing some materials of Farah international airport. Both parties promised , their mutual cooperation continues in future as well.

AL-Gharrafa foundation allocated budget for extension of Farah airport runway , construction of access road , building terminal , fire station and control tower in this airport . This project will be operated for international flight in recent future.