Construction work of Farah airport will be completed on 15th Dec 2017

Mr. Shahid Javad Allah Rakha vice chairman of Al-Gharrafah Foundation met with H.E Mahmood Shah Habibi head of ACAA on 23-Nov-2017 in the Civil Aviation Authority. They talked about proceeding construction work of Farah International Airport. Mr. Shahid Javad Allah Rakha said: that the construction work of the runway extension, access road, terminal, fire station, and control tower is going to be completed on 18-Des-2017 according to schedule.

Mr Mahmood Shah Habibi appreciated from AL-Gharrafah Foundation’s activities under the chair of H.E Sheikh Ali Bin Abdullah Bin Thani Al-Thani. He promised internationalization of Farah International Airport would be completed during the next six months. Then Mr Shahid Javad said: AL-Gharrafa Foundation will cooperate civil aviation authority in furnishing some materials for Farah International Airport. Both parties promised, that their cooperation would continue in the future as well.

AL-Gharrafah Foundation allocated a budget for the extension of the Farah airport runway, construction of an access road, building terminal, fire station, and control tower in this airport. This project will be operated for international flights in recent future.