Al-Gharrafah released 320 Houbara birds in Farah

The birds were released in the presence of Shahid Jawad Allah Rakha, Vice chairman and CEO of  Al-Gharrafah Foundation, deputy governor of Farah, head of the Farah environmental protection department, members of the Farah city council, and several national and international correspondents in the Chakerta desert of Farah province.

Shahid Jawad Allah Rakha said: Al-Gharrafah this year tried to release 300 birds from Afghanistan and 100 birds from Qatar to allow birds to breed in this place. He added: “In the coming years, we want to increase the number of these birds in our agricultural farm in Farah, cultivate, and eventually leave them in the plain.”

Mousa Nazari, Deputy Governor of Farah Province, thanked the activities of the Al-Gharrafah Foundation in Farah Province, adding that the establishment of various projects in the province by Al-Gharrafah Foundation was effective in improving the situation of the people and called for the continuation of this trend.

Farah’s wildlife has been threatened by droughts in recent times, and the Al-Gharrafah Foundation is trying to rebuild it. Houbara is an extinct migratory and rare bird, and in the winter from Siberia, Russia to The warm air will migrate to Farah province. Al-Gharrafa campus will cultivate nearly 1,300 of this kind from 2014 to 2019 and leave them in the plain.