A visit by Shahid Javad Allah Rakha to the Iftari distribution in Kabul

Mr. Shahid Javad Allah Rakha, Vice chairman of Al-Gharrafah Foundation, visited the distribution of Iftari food packages at Haji Abdul Rahman mosque in Kabul.

In this program, 500 Iftari food packages were being distributed among people during Ramadan 2018 every day.

Each food package contains Rice, meat, a bottle of water, fruit, dates, and yogurt.

Mr. Jawad also met with the authorities and Mullah Imam of the mosque, Haji Abdul Rahman, and promised them that he will continue to provide this aid during Ramadan every year.

It is noteworthy that this food program also Is in progress in Farah province until the end of Ramadan, distributing 1600 Iftari packages to multiple mosques in Farah province every day.

These mosques are Central mosque 300 packages, Asharaf Al-oleum 130 packages, qala-e-zaman 120 packages, Jameolhoda 120 packages, Imam Abohanifa mosque 200 packages, Abobakr-e-Sadiq mosque 100 packages, Agricultural Farm 50 packages, Qazi mosque 100 packages, Omar-e-Farooq mosque 75 packages.